Sunday, 28 July 2013

Unkle K's Bands of the Week

Oh, how the mighty have fallen (ha!) - Fear Factory at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2012
Great grindy powerviolence from Chicago. They have a bit of an Insect Warfare vibe but with more of a hardcore feel. Good stuff.

Greber is a southern Ontario 2-piece band featuring Marc Bourgon of Fuck the Facts and Steve Vargas from The Great Sabatini. They are a bass/drum combo that delve into the sludgier side of grind. Highly recommended.

Gig of the Week
Innumerable Forms (USA), Mammoth Grinder (USA), Internal Rot (Melb), Throat of Dirt and Hygiene. Thursday 1 August, Magpies in the City.

One of the most crushing forces in current death metal, Innumerable Forms bring their suffocatingly dark, Finnish death inspired heaviness to Australia for the first time. Featuring members of Mind Eraser, Iron Lung, Hatred Surge, Mammoth Grinder, Gehenna and far too many others to mention, Innumerable Forms match or exceed the highest standards set by their other projects and pummel without mercy.

Mammoth Grinder members do time in Innumerable Forms but here go for the jugular in a more direct manner with their assaultive blend of death metal, crust, grind and thrash. A steamroller of apocalyptic riff devastation and decapitation by headbanging.

Supports come from Melbourne grinders Internal Rot and locals Throat of Dirt and Hygiene.

Videos of the Week
Greber - "Thunderstatement": YouTube
Mammoth Grinder - "Sentenced to Hell": YouTube

1. Nothing More to Eat - S/T
2. Sick/Tired - King of Dirt
3. Scorpions - Blackout
4. Riot - Fire Down Under
5. Netjajev Society System - Discography 2005-2006

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