Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Unkle K's Bands of the Week

Satanic Dystopia
Killer black thrash attack from Northern England, this is seriously good. They rely more on good riffs and atmosphere more than flat out speed and the results pay off. The main riff in the final track, "Blood, Spit & Concrete" sounds a lot like local legends Armoured Angel.

Debut EP, We Shall Live from these Finnish hard rockers. Don’t let the hard rock description turn you off, as each track on this EP has a different vibe. Occult rock to Made out of Babies. This is highly recommended.

Toronto noise rockers Godstopper have a whole lot going on. They sound like a mix of Today is the Day, Wildildlife, Melvins and Harvey Milk, but with some pop elements thrown in. They are heavy but catchy and their sound has a massive range.
"Clean House": Video

Gig of the Week
Smashing gig this weekend, Saturday night (25 May) at The Phoenix - Turbobelco, The VeeBees and Seedy Jeezus. Last time this lineup played it was one of the best local gigs in years and even had a Terrace Bar vibe, with sweat dripping of the walls. So get in early as it will sell out.

Unkle K

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