Saturday, 11 May 2013

Unkle K's Bands of the Week

Thank you, Google images
Mr. Peter Hayden
I have to admit I’d seen this band name around a bit on various distro lists and message boards and I don’t know why, but it just didn’t appeal to me, so I never followed them up. Early this week I was checking out bands on Love Among Ruins' Bandcamp playlist and noticed Mr. Peter Hayden (which does not have any members called Peter Hayden). Anyway, one song and one hour later, I’m totally hooked on these Finnish psychedelic instrumentalists. Not at any stage did this drag on or become boring.

1. Mr. Peter Hayden - Born A Trip
2. Orchid - The Mouths of Madness
3. ACxDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner - 3-way Split
4. Ghost B.C. - Infestissumam
5. Year of No Light - Vampyr

Unkle K

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