Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Unkle K's Bands of the Week

Lord Darksoul getting his big dawg on, Maryland Deathfest
I'm not really aware of any gigs this weekend besides the Sharon Osbourne Experience, so to all those who make the trip to Sydney, enjoy.

Alex and I have set up Bandcamp pages with music we have purchased, so please come and click on some bands for some new tunes (also linked at the side of the page):
Bandcamp (fan page): lxp
Bandcamp (fan page): Unkle K

Big thanks to Curby for bringing the Obscene Extreme Festival to Melbourne. It looks like it will be back again next year. Hopefully they go for one venue, like the Corner, with 2 stages. Cheers to Jason PC, Roby BAF and Christoph for their input and effort, and to my friends in Sete Star Sept from Japan and Melbournians Umbilical Tentacle.

Band of the Week
Thank you Shane (4Dead) for the heads up on these awesome groovy Italian doomsters. The highlight of this band, besides the fantastic rocking doom, is singer Dorian Bones' amazing voice. It ranges from Danzig to Wizard, but better. Highly recommended.

Doom on

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