Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sete Star Sept

The notorious Obscene Extreme Festival hits Australia for the first time this week, with freaks of all kinds converging on Melbourne on 12-13 April for two days of riotous grind and insanity.

And lucky for us, Japanese noise/grind duo Sete Star Sept are stopping by Canberra on their way to OEF, to give a lesson in annihilation at the Pot Belly on Thursday 11 April. Joining them will be the wild Melbourne noise act Umbilical Tentacle and local pricks The Reverend Jesse Custer (who are also playing at OEF - tear it up lads!) and Throat of Dirt.

Check the links below for a taste of what's in store, and visit the facebook event page for more.

Sete Star Sept: Bandcamp / OEF / Live at Funeral Home (2011): YouTube
Umbilical Tentacle: Live at Disco Beans (2012): YouTube
The Reverend Jesse Custer: Bandcamp / OEF
Throat of Dirt: Bandcamp


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