Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Unkle K's Bands of the Week

Holy Serpent
Another great new band from Melbourne. The stoner/doom scene down there is spitting forth some great new bands: Horsehunter; Watchtower. These guys are not as heavy as some of the other new bands, with the singer having a pretty mellow voice, but he can sing and combined with some rocking tunes, I’m keen to hear further output.

Corsair from Charlottesville, Virginia have a rocking Lizzy-Gary Moore-Maiden vibe - great leads, cool vocals, great hooks. I found myself singing along after a couple of listens.

Video of the Week
Keeping up with the old school vibe is Ryan Waste’s (Municipal Waste) Living Fast video channel, totally dedicated to heavy metal. First two episodes feature Raven, Venom and many other NWOBHM classics. Highly entertaining.
Episode 1: YouTube
Episode 2 (Part 1): YouTube
Episode 2 (Part 2): YouTube


Couple of killer shows in the next few weeks. One for the kiddies with Full of Hell from the USA at a new venue called the Crossroads (a house) on Thursday 4 December, supported by Idylls and Machina Genova. And then on Saturday 13 December, Witchskull appear to be the youngest band on a bill of nursing home veterans appearing on a great old school lineup at the Croatian Club in Turner.

Playlist: Unkle K
1. Corsair - One Eyed Horse
2. Lucifers Friend - S/T
3. Electric Wizard - Time to Die
4. Hawkeyes - Poison Slows You Down
5.The Shrine - Primitive Blast
Playlist: lxp
1. Baptists - Bloodmines
2. Today is the Day - Animal Mother
3. Hoarse - S/T
4. Godflesh - A World Lit Only By Fire
5. Electric Wizard - Time to Die
6. Pneumatic Slaughter - Failed Executions
7. Horrendous - Ecdysis
8. Holy Serpent - S/T
9. Captain Beyond - S/T
10. Om - Enjoying revisiting all their releases.

Unkle K

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