Saturday, 22 June 2013

Unkle K's Bands of the Week

Nothing More to Eat
Thanks to the fantastic Cvlt Nation site for the heads up on this great Finnish band. Once again Finland comes up with the goods. I've discovered so many good bands from this country recently - Mansion, Sermonia, Swallowed, Mr Peter Hayden. Anyway, Nothing More To Eat, despite their pop-punky name, caught my attention first listen - instant headbanging. They sound to me like a weird mix of Kvelertak, Psudoku and maybe Mastodon. It's all over the place but in a seriously good way. Highly recommended.
ABC Weapons
This is the an unreleased album by Melbourne d-beat legends ABC Weapons (RIP), featuring members of Pisschrist and Schifosi. I didn't know this existed, so it's a nice surprise. Eight tracks of catchy, heavy crust. Download from their Bandcamp site for a fiver. 

Final band is a guest submission from Luke (Hoodlum Shouts) - cheers buddy. Absolut from Toronto are an extra raw punk band with some great metal leads. This six track demo sounds like it was recorded in bedroom on this -->
But that adds to the charm of it.

Nice stuff, keep them coming. If anyone else has heard something new or old they would like to share, let us know. We are always keen for new music. 

Video of the Week
Torche - "Kicking": Stereogum


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