Saturday, 8 December 2012

Earthless Return

11.12.2012. Strap yourself in baby, 'cuz we're blowin' off this psychic funk. Fire up the core and set controls for the next dimension. We're gonna surf interplanetary gravity fields and hitch rides to contracting nebulae on the tails of comets. Engage the warp drive. We're gonna fold this whole space-time deal into a cosmic pretzel and jam this jalopy headlong into the eye of a black hole. We'll be everywhere at the same time, baby. This trip's our fast-track to nirvana. And the way back down is forever. It's gonna be a gas.

Um, I mean, Earthless are bringing their blistering psychedelic rock jams to the ANU Bar on Tuesday night, and if it's anything like the last time they were in town, it will be incredible. Presented by Heathen Skulls. Go.


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