Friday, 14 September 2012

Unkle K's Bands of the Week

Welcome to Unkle K's Bands of the Week! Unkle Kronos has been spreading word to the faithful through a weekly email list and at the end of the Metalise column in Canberra's street rag BMA for a while. We are glad to introduce this regular feature to Cacophemisms, starting right now...

Portland Pussy Grind. Brilliant. 
East Cat Paw-Violence Demo:

San Francisco heavy rock doomsters are back with a new EP. Epic stuff.  
"Capricorn" live at Roadburn 2012: YouTube
Two bands from the great Give Praise Records (

No Qualms 
Orlando punk with an Infest vibe.

Buried at Birth 
Female fronted San Jose fastcore/powerviolence

Unkle K 

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