Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Unkle K's Bands of the Week

I wasn’t wearing fingerless gloves but I had a bit of a head bang to thoroughly enjoyable sets from Captain Cleanoff & Blood Duster at BastardFest on the weekend. Great vibe at the Friday show and good to see a few old faces.

Code Orange Kids
Pittsburgh hardcore teenies Code Orange Kids have recently signed to Deathwish Inc. for the release of their forthcoming LP, Love is Love // Return To Dust. I’ve only heard the video below but I’m hooked, looking forward to hearing more.
"Flowermouth (The Leech)": YouTube

Sea Bastard
Brighton, UK bastards, Sea Bastard have a new 5 track release of bleak sludgy doom. Recommended.


Unkle K

Gig of the Week
Just jumping in on Unkle K's column to add that on Sunday 18 Nov, the Pot Belly is playing host to the fantastic pairing of Canberra titans Looking Glass and Hoodlum Shouts (yep, I still call 'em "local"), with A Drone Coda along for the ride. Will be a great night!


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