Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Unkle K's Bands of the Week

Due to my already stuffed ear copping a walloping at the Church of Misery show a month ago, I have not been listening to much music in the last few weeks. Here are a couple of things that have caught my attention.

I'm sure I've seen or heard this band before but if I have, it didn't leave the impression on me that this new track from their forthcoming LP has. This crushing grindy track leaves me highly keen to hear the full length. Another quality Melbourne act.

Weekend Nachos
Most of you are probably familiar with Weekend Nachos. For those that are not, checking them out is a must. These two tracks from their forthcoming LP, Still, contain all the elements that make WN so good. Massive guitar sound, great variety between slow and fast. One of the very few bands that could make these old legs want to mosh like a crazy ape.

Gig of the Week
Cyberne (Japan), Dead (Melbourne), The Reverend Jesse Custer and Machina Genova. Sunday 3 November, 5pm at Magpies City Club. $10 concession/$15 standard.

Also, Beer Day Out is not until Saturday 9 November, but tickets are selling fast, so get onto it: Facebook.

Video of the Week
The VeeBees - "Doin'er Up": YouTube

Playlist: Unkle K
1. Dragged into Sunlight - Widowmaker
2. Mother Brain - Straight to Business
3. Deep Purple - Burn
4. Scorpions - Animal Magnetism 
5. All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates this Nature 

Playlist: lxp
1. Earthless - From the Ages
2. SubRosa - More Constant than the Gods
3. Red Fang - Whales and Leeches
4. Great Falls - Accidents Grotesque
5. Woodwall - WoodEmpire

Unkle K

Monday, 7 October 2013

Unkle K's Bands of the Week

Not aware of any shows this week but I'm quite happy to live off memories of the awesome Church of Misery show I witnessed on Friday night in Sydney. Bloody fantastic. Cheers to Nathan for bringing them out from Japan.

Frozen Planet....1969
Featuring our very own Lachlan from Looking Glass along with the Mother Mars brothers. Frozen Planet....1969 play improvisational spaced out jam rock. If you are familiar with any of the members' other bands you will know how talented these guys are and you will be all over this. For the uninitiated, highly recommended.

Human Cull
Really digging the explosion of good bands out of the UK playing grindy stuff at the moment - Magpyes, Horsebastard, Corrupt Moral Altar. Add Human Cull to that list. Brutal, unforgiving, foot to the floor grind, not too polished like a lot of the newer grind acts these days.

Seven Sisters of Sleep/Shaman's Owl
Both bands feature members of the underrated The Arm and Sword of a Bastard God, who released a killer split with Coffins back in 2007. They both play similar styles of sludgy doom, maybe not reaching the heights of ASBG for me yet, but still worth checking out.
Cvlt Nation

Video of the Week
Black Sabbath and the Birth of Heavy Metal - On The Road
Excellent video from Vice Magazine. Noisey teamed up with Marshall Headphones and Jesse Hughes of Eagles Of Death Metal notoriety to go on the road to hunt the spirit of Black Sabbath.

Playlist: Unkle K
1. Joe Rogan Podcasts
2. Human Cull/Oblivionized - This Septic Isle
3. Slomatics - A Hocht
4. Seven Sisters of Sleep/Shaman's Owl - Split
5. Deep Purple - Shades of Deep Purple

Playlist: lxp
1. Bowcaster - S/T LP
2. Bl'ast! - Blood!
3. Royal Thunder - CVI
4. Agents of Abhorrence - Relief
5. Acid King - Busse Woods

Unkle K